What is Intu?
Intu thrives on a mission to make web3 human fit, what does this mean?  To safely abstract away some of the technical challenges that developers and users face when interacting with Web3, creating small but complex and robust solutions to solve large problems.
How is it done?
Intu has developed a solution that comprises of two main parts, an easy to integrate SDK and a Smart Contract system to register information onchain.  You can read more about this in https://docs.intu.xyz/in-depth/introduction-to-deoas/how-it-works
Is Intu a custodian?
No, Intu provide the infrastructure needed to create advanced account solutions, we do not nor are able to access any private keys or key shards. These are all maintained by you, the customer.
Are you decentralized?  
Intu in itself is natively decentralized since it is deployed on EVM and receives the benefits of the inherent decentralization and security of the chain. 

You can choose your own level of decentralization when you create your account, picking participants and define a circle of trust for yourself. 

We think its better for our customers to pick this rather than us picking (and potentially failing) for them. 
How much does it cost? 
Right now we don’t charge a fee to use Intu (this will change), the only cost you will experience is the gas fees associated to create an account.