Humans deserve better

Human beings have varied approaches to risk & responsibility. Intu empowers users to own digital assets without fear or compromise.

Bringing MPC & TSS to all

Our simple SDK integrates with any EVM chain to bring the benefits of account abstraction to externally owned accounts without additional 3rd party depencencies

Intu was formed in Lisbon 2021, based on a napkin and a dream to make web3 better for the average person. With the support of our Investors, we have proceeded to create dEAOS, the worlds first truly decentralized MPC/TSS solution, aimed at solving complex and hard problems, in a first principles way.

With no centralized entities from web2, dependencies on specialized node networks or expensive hardware.We believe web3 should be human fit, and we are building to create this future right now.

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Max Radelius


James Bourque


Steven Matthiesen